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Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is what every great business has on their side. The secret to success is a knowledge of SEO and more importantly, local SEO. So let’s start by answering that, what is local SEO? 

SEO is the ability for your business to appear in searches on the internet. Local SEO makes your business appear in local directories. To put it into perspective, imagine searching for a doctor in your local area, but the results appearing are for three cities away. This is why local SEO is important for your business. Those who need your services close by need to know you exist. Google needs to take distance into account when pulling up your business, so if your information is improperly input, or if your website isn’t optimized, how will Google find you?  Below we’ve gathered a few key points about local SEO that will help you be found and get above the competition.   

Become more Visible

In order to gain new clients, you need to be seen online. In order to do this you need to optimize. By optimizing your website, landing pages, and social media platforms your visibility will grow. This will also result in internet users searching for your services, finding you before they find your competition. For instance, remember the last time that you were walking through a grocery store. Walking down each aisle, your eyes are drawn to items in the middle of the shelf, but what about the things on the bottom or the very top? You may have noticed a few items, but odds are you purchased something from the middle of the shelf. The same thing happens online.

When searching for products or services online you become drawn to the first page searches or the top lists on Google maps. So if your website is listed on page 3 or 4, how will people find you? Optimizing your website will bring you to the first page of results, right to the spot where you can be found. 


But how do you optimize your website? With a growing number of social media and internet users, making your website ideal for both desktop and mobile use is key. Nothing frustrates potential clients more than having to navigate through a confusing website or looking at a disorganized website. By making your website aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, the length of time users will spend on your site skyrockets. 

Have your company listed on a variety of directories 

By far the most used search engine with nearly 92% of all internet users is Google. But one key job that Google performs for users searching is gathering data from a variety of sources. Having your business and website listed on a variety of search directories will allow Google to see you and your information more frequently/ This will list you higher in search results. Site directories such as Bing,, Yahoo, and Spoke all contribute to your online presence. The more of these types of sites you are listed on, the better off you’ll be. Then Google takes your information and lists you as a result. Google searches all over the web to see where you’re listed, if your information is accurate, and how often you’re listed.

This does take time and effort to put together your information and upload it to these different directories. Lift Local has a solution to this by providing you with a service where we do all that busy work and more. Lift Local understands how important your online presence is, and we want to help you get to the top. We gather your information and list it on the directories so that Google sees you and your information so you get listed higher. 

Be Valuable

We’ve discussed how important it is to have your information out there and your website optimized. However, another key factor is having relevant and valuable content on your site. Whether your business is a financial firm, insurance, real estate, etc. posting content is important. Content that brings value to you and your clients is vital to optimizing your local SEO. By doing so, local searches for topics that you have information on will bring you even more traffic. Research from Moz shows that companies with a blog receive 68% more traffic than those without. Having a blog or relevant articles on your website also gives you content to send to your current clients. Sending that information out gives your company more value. And as said in our previous blog, increases customer retention. 

Whether you are able to provide a weekly newsletter, a blog, videos, or infographics, your content needs to be relevant and pertain to your target audience. And your clients want to see that you have valuable and informative content. Teaching something on your blog or in a weekly newsletter will attract your clients and potential clients to keep coming back to learn more. High-quality content is what will attract and keep users to your website. Without it, you’re just another website. Put yourself in the running against your local competitors and get the higher ratings you deserve with top quality content. 

Get One Step Closer

Local SEO for small businesses becomes more important as the number of internet and social media users increases. The Google algorithm searches for three main aspects for local searches. These include: relevance, prominence, and proximity. Relevance pertains to how relevant the results are to the search. Prominence is based on the trustworthiness of the website, and lastly proximity is pertaining to distance. Based on if the search results are local. All three of these things are key to remember how you can be the optimal website that Google can find. 

Lift Local wants to help you with all of these different parts of Google’s algorithm. We work to help you appear in the most relevant searches possible in your local area. Local SEO continues to be a vital part of small businesses. We want to show you the ropes and help you focus more on your business and less on the dirty work. In order to do this, let Lift Local optimize your business sites and get your name on the map.