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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for every business. If you’re looking to get found online in your local area and stand out from the competition, a strong local SEO strategy is essential!

SEO is the ability for your business to appear in searches across the internet. Local SEO specifically helps you pull up higher on search results in your local area. Google’s algorithm consists of three main aspects for local SEO. These include relevance, prominence and proximity. Relevance pertains to how relevant the results are to the searcher. Prominence is based on the trustworthiness of your business info and website. Proximity is pertaining to your business’s distance from the searcher.

Below we’re sharing 3 easy ways to improve your local SEO strategy and your business’s reputation in the eyes of Google.

1. Get excited about online directory submissions.

A key factor in a sucessful local SEO strategy is optimizing your online listings. Your Google My Business listing, Facebook page, Bing listing, etc. should all be jam packed with relevant and accurate information on your business. There are hunderds of online directories across the web that Google takes into consideration when deciding where your business should be ranking. If one of those directories isn’t optimized or has the wrong info, Google will think your business isn’t as relevant and will move you down on search results.  

By far the most used search engine (with nearly 92% of all internet users) is Google. But Google actually uses information from a variety of differents sites and directories to make sure their searchers are getting the most relevant information. Having your business listed on a variety of search directories allows Google to notice you and recognize your credibility. Submitting to directories does take time and effort so if you’re looking for a hands-off approach, we have the answer. Lift Local understands how important your online presence is, and we want to help you get to the top of search results in your area. We’ll gather your information and list it on relevant directories so that Google moves you up the ranks!

2. Create and share valuable content.

Another key factor when it comes to succeeding in your local SEO strategy is sharing relevant and valuable content consistently. Whether your business is an insurance agency, real estate firm, mortgage company, etc. posting industry related content is important. 

A great place to share this content is right on your Google My Business listing as a Google Post. Share a newsletter, blog, video link, or infographic each week as a post. High-quality content will attract customers to your business an prove your credibility to Google. 

3. Convert local traffic with a great website.

Once you’re pulling up sucessfully in your local search results, you will hopefully have customers clicking on your Google listing and either choosing to call you directly or visit your website! If you’re looking to improve your lead conversion metrics, an optimized website is a great place to start. Having a great user experience on both desktop and mobile will encourage visitors to stay longer on your site and learn more about your business.

Local SEO for your business is more important than ever as more internet users means more online competition. Fill out the form above for more info!