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Grow your business through customer engagement.

Lift Local enables you to engage past customers and increase revenue by reactivating them. We design data-driven email campaigns to effectively reach out to your customers at the right time, with the right message.

Responsive Marketing

We use technology to re-engage all of your past customers.

Strategic Campaigns

Our marketing pros use the best analytics available to get you hot leads.

Brand Recognition

Your past customers know you and you have their info. It makes for an easy sale.

Real-Time Leads

When a prior client opts in for a quote, we send you that lead in real-time.

Remarketing the right way.

It’s inevitable that customers will leave your business. However, they often leave for a small reason or they simply forget to renew your service. We implement a process that consistently reaches out to these former customers to get them back in the door.

Effortless marketing.

Let us build, monitor, modify and manage your email campaigns so you don’t have to. When a prospect opts in, you’ll receive that lead in real time and can then reach out to them to get them back on board.

Increase revenue.

Studies show that winning a client back increases that customer’s loyalty up to 300%. By focusing on proper timing and relevant content, our email campaigns will help your customers remember why they originally chose you.

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Our service provides businesses with a hands-off marketing solution. We’ll take the burden of creating and executing a marketing strategy off your plate and drive consistent, transparent results.


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