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A few weeks ago, I decided to plan a spa day for my husband’s birthday. My very first stop was google and I found a spa that sparked my interest. It offered a couples soak, massage, complimentary dessert and sparkling cider — Sounds amazing, right? It seemed perfect! My next thought was to check their Google reviews and my heart sank when I saw the spa had 0 reviews. My dreams of soaking with sparkling cider instantly faded and I felt hesitant about spending 300+ dollars on a service without any online recommendations. I continued to scroll on Google and found a spa that had 100+ reviews at a 4.8 star rating. Their positive reviews won my business and my husband and I had a perfect day. The customer reviews were spot on.

Nowadays, when a consumer is searching for a specific service they will go to Google. Google is the largest search engine in the world with over 3.5 billion searches done each day. When searching for a product, business or service, it’s a no brainer to choose the company with the greatest amount of reviews and highest star rating. As a consumer, it’s imperative to be able to read the recommendations of other consumers. Reviews also help boost your SEO and will move your online listing to the top of the page. It’s simple, the more positive reviews you have, the more people are recommending you to others, which results more business.

Getting reviews will make sure that you dominate the competition in your area. Everyone will be calling you because they will see that you have the best service. Here at Lift Local, we make sure that you get the best reviews and the most reviews in your area. We know how busy you are, so we take it off your plate. All you have to do is enjoy all the new business that comes to you, and believe me, you will enjoy it!