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Contact Marketing

How much value is hidden in your contact list? Insurance agencies use the same marketing tactics over and over – buying lead lists, sending mailers, networking – the list goes on. Those activities are worthwhile, but you’re missing opportunities!

Do you have a process to extract the low hanging fruit from your lead lists and former customers? At Lift Local, we have pin pointed the gaps in most agencies’ marketing and have created hands-off marketing campaigns to enhance what you’re already doing. Take your marketing to the next level with our services.

Lead Nurturing

A great sales strategy is about so much more than just buying a list of leads. It’s crucial that you have a solid nurturing process in place to encourage engagement. In fact, an ideal sales cycle includes 6-8 touch points before talking to a lead. We’ll notify you of which leads are engaging with your emails – narrowing your focus to start conversations with the most effective prospects.

Customer Engagement

When customers don’t feel a personal connection to your brand, they’re much more likely to leave you when another option comes along. We’ll email your existing customers on a monthly basis on a variety of topics to allow them to request service, report life changes, get quotes for new policies, and more. These emails not only allow your customers to get better service, but will build a relationship with your brand. Cut churn and improve loyalty by engaging with your customers consistently over time.

Customer Winbacks

Even the best businesses have customers cancel for various reasons. This can be discouraging and it’s important to have a process set in place to get canceled customers back in the door. In fact, former customers make some of the best prospects and convert at a 3x higher rate than cold leads. When we email your former customers, we’ll notify you of who is engaged so you can narrow your focus and start conversations with the most effective prospects.


Humans are better than robots.


Humans are better than robots.

Join our happy customers.

“If you’re a small business owner that is looking to get a local search boost, Lift Local is the team for you. They guided us through the process and gave us timely updates on the results. We’ve seen increased review activity and increased inbound new business calls as a result.”


“When I first learned about Lift Local, I wasn’t sure if they would measure up to my high expectations but they made the process of gathering feedback from customers super easy. I know I can call them to get my questions answered and they are proactive about answering questions. They stay on top of the new happenings in the industry, too.”


“Before using Lift Local our inbound calls were from clients and referrals. Since starting with Lift Local we’ve started getting more traffic, and more inbound calls from people saying they read our Google reviews. I even had one agent in another state call in call in looking to find a reputable agency for his client. After looking through Google reviews he found us.”



Our service provides businesses with a hands-off marketing solution. We’ll take the burden of creating and executing a marketing strategy off your plate and drive consistent, transparent results.


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