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 If your insurance agency is working hard to grow, you probably have several marketing channels that you’re working with. You might be sending mailers, creating partnerships with real estate agents or auto dealers, implementing a referral program, or cold calling purchased lists. You know that a solid marketing strategy is essential for growing your agency, but there is one marketing strategy that will enhance all your other efforts. A fully optimized Google Business Profile is the secret sauce you might be missing. 

What is a Google Business Profile?

Google has created a search feature to make it easier than ever for users to get information about businesses. After all, 75% of users reported that they expect immediate information when performing a Google search. The Google Business Profile displays essential information about a business, such as business name, address, phone number, business hours, products and services offered, customer reviews, and more. 

Google’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for users to get information without having to click through the business’s actual website. In many ways, the Google Business Profile is a sort of replacement for a traditional website. All the same information you would want to share with potential customers can be displayed on Google.

How does a Google Business Profile enhance other marketing efforts?

A Google search is usually the second touchpoint with a customer after your initial marketing message. When someone receives your postcard in the mail and is moderately interested, there’s a good chance they’ll perform a Google search for your business. If someone asks a friend for a referral for a good insurance agent and they give your name, chances are, the referred friend will do a Google search for you. When they perform that Google search, what do they find? Do you look like a trustworthy and reputable business? A Google Business Profile enhances all of your marketing efforts because it legitimizes your business. It makes all your other marketing efforts have a higher conversion rate because when potential customers try to get more information about you, they easily find you and you look good.

A robust profile also speeds up the consideration process, meaning a potential customer more quickly comes to the conclusion that you have what they’re looking for. The Google Business Profile displays anything they might want to know about your business, from product descriptions to customer reviews. There are also built-in calls to action to ensure people who find your profile are invited to give you a call or book an appointment.

Here are some of the features you need to make sure your Google Business Listing displays:

  • Name, Address, and Phone Number
  • Business Hours
  • A direct appointment link
  • A chat option
  • A high quantity of positive Google reviews
  • Product cards
  • A company bio
  • Frequent updates posted
  • High-quality photos

Let Us Help

If you don’t have a Google Business Profile, or your profile doesn’t display all of Google’s recommended features, you’re missing the secret sauce that will boost all your other marketing strategies. Ask us how we can help you get set up so that you can get found online, look good, and be chosen.