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For most businesses, purchasing leads is an important part of their growth strategy. However, these leads may not be ready to make a purchasing decision. In fact, only 25% of leads are sales-ready at first contact. So what happens to the other 75%? These leads most likely lay stagnant and unused in a state that Jeff Coveney has coined as the “leads graveyard.”

This is where lead recycling comes into play. Recycled leads have a potentially higher conversion rate as they have already had initial exposure to your product or service. It’s important to create touch points with these leads so that your business stays fresh in their minds.

Lift Local helps significantly increase your lead conversion rates by implementing a unique lead management process. We specialize in prospect nurturing techniques and customized marketing campaigns designed to convert former leads. Every Lift Local client has a dedicated account manager who builds, manages and optimizes custom campaigns. You’ll have contact with a real person to make sure you’re getting the most out of our service. Just provide a list, and we take care of the rest with state-of-the-art automation. We can’t wait to help your business increase ROI and bring in hot leads.