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You may have noticed a new blue bubble on your business’s Facebook page, showing a rating from 1-10. This score is based off of multiple sources including ratings, reviews and recommendations. The goal is to provide potential customers with an organically derived recommendation based on more factors than just a star rating. For example, Facebook can also use sentiment scoring based on messages, business response time or social activity to determine the final figure. If your current score isn’t what you would like, don’t worry. Facebook shared this helpful update, “New recommendations are weighted more heavily, so you can continuously improve your score.”

This new system is currently being run as a test so keep on the look out for more information as the system evolves! While we don’t know everything about the intentions behind this change, it is evident that Facebook is stepping up their game in order to provide more value to business owners. For those of you who might be feeling overwhelmed by the prevalent and ever-changing world of social media, companies like Lift Local will take the burden off your back. We provide you with a hands-off social media strategy and do all hard work for you so that you can put your attention towards your business.