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16 Ways to Grow Your Agency

Whether you’ve been an agent for 6 months or 10 years, this Ultimate Insurance Marketing Plan will help you to understand the most important marketing activities your agency should be implementing. We’ve worked with thousands of insurance agents and the most successful ones use these strategies to consistently generate leads and improve their customer churn and relationships.

Enjoy and feel free to reach out to us at Lift Local with any questions!

Part 1 

Extracting Value from New Customers

Approach Friends & Family (page 1)

Cold Call Purchased Lists (pages 1-2)

Lead Recycling Nurture Emails (pages 2-3)

Winback Nurture Emails (page 3)

Create a Sales Process & Follow Up (page 4)

Network in Your Community (page 5)

Lead a Business Seminar (page 6)

Implement Local SEO (page 7)

Part 2

Extracting Value from Existing Customers

Get Online Reviews (page 8)

Follow Up with Reviews (page 9)

Send Thank You Notes (page 9)

Engage on Social Media (page 10)

Cross-Sell Campaigns (page 11)

Review Customer Policies (pages 11-12)

Create a Referral Program (pages 12-13)

Send Direct Mailers (page 13)

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Looking to improve your churn? Hoping for more qualified leads? Trying to get noticed on Google? Look no further. Start seeing real results and watch your business scale with affordable marketing services. Crystal clear reporting and our hands-off approach make it easy for you to see a return on investment and enjoy the ride. We’d love to talk to you more about your insurance marketing plan.