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As an insurance agent, you definitely have a lot on your plate. At Lift Local, we try to help by offering a 100% service based solution to your digital marketing needs. We’ve put together these 5 tips that are  guaranteed to help grow your agency.

  1. Become a great sales person:  When it comes to sales, practice makes perfect. Start attending sales webinars and make yourself familiar with the different sales methods and techniques. Observe a colleague who is good at sales and try to learn something new every day.
  2. Form a network:  These days, it is extremely easy to form a network via LinkedIn or Facebook. Find groups of other insurance agents in your area and connect with them through the mentioned social media platforms.
  3. Gather customer referrals:  If you have a happy customer, make it a priority to ask for a referral. Ask about friends, colleagues, or neighbors who might be interested in a policy quote. Make sure you also have a referral incentive in place to reward your customers.
  4. Create a winning marketing strategy:  Ask yourself, in what areas could your agency improve? Maybe you can up your social media game… or improve your email marketing. Whatever it is, make sure you have a plan with clear goals. Feel free to chat or email us with any of your marketing questions!
  5. Get online reviews:  Last but certainly not least, grow your agency and increase revenue with authentic and consistent online reviews! Surprisingly, 84% of consumers report that they trust reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend!

Best of luck implementing these tips and enjoy watching your agency grow!