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Are you feeling defeated when it comes to your Google reviews? Not seeing those reviews coming in consistently can be discouraging, espcially when a recent Qualtrics survey found that 92% of customers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. Surely getting more free Google reviews is at the top of your priority list. Luckily, it’s simple to get legitimate reviews from happy customers without paying a cent. Just follow the steps below to learn how to get free Google reviews. 



First things first, in order to get free Google reviews you have to have a few things in place.

1. Know Google’s guidelines.

Google has a terms of service you must follow when obtaining reviews. You cannot offer any incentives to sway your customer into leaving you a review.

2. Claim your business as a place on Google Maps.

This step is important because it will give you a Google Business Profile so customers have somewhere to leave reviews. 

3. Get your Google Business Profile verified.
Unfortunately, creating a listing on Google Maps does not give you control over the listing. You have to create a Google My Business account and verify ownership of your Business Profile through there. 

By completing the 3 steps above, you are on your way to having a great Google reviews strategy. Now that you are prepared to receive more reviews, let’s go over how you can receive more free Google reviews.



Timing is key. You want to reach out to your customer when your business is still fresh on their mind. If you wait too long, your customer will be less likely to leave you a review. Emotions fade over time and they might forget how well you treated them.

Delivery Method

Don’t make a customer give a review when in person. In doing this, this could put undue pressure on the customer. People who feel pressured into leaving a review often feel resentful or annoyed. Customers want to be able to leave reviews on their own time and when it is most convenient for them. Give your customers the luxury of convenience when asking for a review. Email or text message is a great way to prompt customers to leave reviews without being too pushy. Another advantage of using text or email is being able to leave a link that goes directly to the page where they can write a review. If you need help creating a link, you can find simple instructions here for a google link review generator. By providing customers with a link, you are increasing your conversion rate. 

Follow Up

By implementing a follow up plan, you give your customer multiple chances to leave a review. Oftentimes people get busy and forget to leave a review when you send the initial message. After your first message, if 1-2 weeks has passed and the customer still hasn’t left a review, go ahead and send a follow up. Wait a few more weeks, and then send a third follow. This way, you give your customer ample opportunity to leave a review without being overbearing. 

What To Say 

When asking a customer to leave a review, be intentional when choosing your words for the email. The email should be short and to the point, but in a polite manner. Make the email very personable, that way the customer doesn’t assume they are being spammed with bulk emails. By adding personal touches to the email, it will prompt customers to want to leave the review. Make sure the email is centered around the customer and not you. You want the customer to feel that their opinion is valued. 

How to Steer Clear of Negative Reviews

Unfortunately, you can’t always make everyone happy. As a business owner, it is inevitable that you will have an unhappy customer. Obviously you want positive reviews, so how do you avoid getting negative reviews? Having outstanding customer service is one way to avoid negative reviews. If you go above and beyond for customers, you are less likely to get as many negative responses. In theory that sounds like sunshine and rainbows, but things don’t always go perfectly. If you are left a negative review, check out one of our recent blog posts on how to respond to negative reviews. A negative review isn’t the end of the world. As a business owner, you can show customers how you handle adversity by dealing with the negative review in a prompt and polite manner. On the bright side, having a lot of positive reviews will offset the damage of a negative review. 

Let Us Help

 Another way to steer clear of negative reviews is by allowing Lift Local to help. Lift Local can take the guesswork out of customer satisfaction with our innovative approach. We take charge of getting our clients a steady flow of reviews overtime, which in turn increases their SEO. We push positive feedback to Google and send all other feedback directly to our clients, which gives them a chance to correct the negative review. Having a steady flow of positive reviews tells SEO that your business is relevant. Lift Local takes pride in our expert communication which allows us to give our clients more customer reviews. 

Consistency is Key

You may be wondering if getting more free Google reviews is worth the consistent work. If you are questioning whether or not you should prioritize reviews, read this article on the importance of reviews. Reviews are a vital part of the customer’s purchasing process. Your business will be positively impacted if you start prioritizing reviews.