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Google has a added a new feature to local searches. When you perform a search on Google now for a service near you (ie. Insurance near me) you can now filter the local business listings by their star rating. In terms of local business listings in the maps section of Google, where a business is showing up organically doesn’t matter anymore. Searchers can simply filter the listings by “2 star rating and up”, “3 star rating and up”, and “4 star rating and up.”

So where should local businesses invest their marketing efforts now? Getting customer reviews and good customer reviews is going to be crucial. When talking about capturing local Google search traffic, SEO is significantly less important and customer reviews are significantly more important. 9 out of 10 people won’t consider your business without reading at least 5 recent, positive customer reviews. With the new filtering feature, most people won’t even see your business if you don’t have a 4 star rating or above.

Here at Lift Local, we completely manage this customer review process for you to get positive and consistent customer reviews on your Google listing. Select “Request Demo” for more information.