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Most of us at some point have made a LinkedIn profile… but many of us may still have a faceless, gray illustration posing in our profile photo.

Or maybe you’ve uploaded a profile pic, spent 5 minutes copying and pasting your resume onto the experience section, and feel like you’re good to go.

LinkedIn is the best tool out there to give you, as a business owner, an identity on the internet. Your profile should give a 360 degree view of you and your business. Potential business partners, customers or even potential employees should be able to go to your profile and have a clear idea of who you are and what you do. It might be time to take a second look at your profile, and here are some tips for getting it up to optimal shape.

  1. Use a clear profile photo that makes you look professional and accessible.
  2. Choose a cover photo that relates to your industry.
  3. Spend time making connections. Try to get to 500.
  4. Make sure that every category is complete. More info = better SEO.
  5. Try to share and engage with related posts.

If you’re still wondering what all the hype on LinkedIn is about… here’s a great article from LinkedIn that might help you jump on board.