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I’ve talked to agency owners about marketing for several years now. Most of them have tried a large variety of marketing activities, everything from buying leads to sponsoring little league baseball games. I’ve been surprised at how many do not have a systematic approach to gathering customer feedback. Most of our clients have north of 1,000 customers in their books of business. When you have a book that size, it’s almost impossible to keep tabs on all of your customers. We started to realize this ourselves when we got up to 500 agencies using our service. To help us track customer satisfaction we implemented an automated feedback system. At first, our goal was to use feedback as a retention tool. We wanted to know who our unhappy customers were and why they were unsatisfied. We started identifying problems we didn’t know existed and were able to solve them before they festered. After several months of getting consistent feedback, we saw significant improvements to our retention. I don’t want you to think we get a ton of negative feedback, we don’t suck I promise, but even the best companies aren’t perfect. We are grateful for how this system has improved our retention. But even more impactful than negative feedback, was the positive feedback we were getting. We had tons of customers telling us how happy they were with our service. We quickly found this to be a segway into a request for a referral or a natural opportunity to cross sell them on another service. While there are many ways to generate new business and grow revenue, current customers are at the top of the list. When you have a customer feedback system in place, you have the opportunity to create a short list of customers who you should target for referrals. If you ask a customer if they’re happy and they say yes, strike while the iron is hot. This is the perfect time to say, “Great, who do you know,” or “Great, have you heard about this other product or service we offer?” Gathering customer feedback will be among the simplest, most inexpensive marketing opportunities you have and will yield significant returns. If you need help implementing a system reach out to us through this link: Contact Us