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If numbers speak louder than words for you, here are some insightful statistics that might make you reconsider your digital marketing strategy.

There are approximately 28 million small businesses across the nation. These 28 million small businesses in America accounted for 54% of all U.S. sales in 2017. Small businesses are a vital part in our economy and deserve the best marketing exposure.

In order to stay relevant and successful, small businesses must take advantage of digital tools such as social medias. A 2018 study shows that 77% of Americans are active on social media. However, only 32% of small business owners are investing in social media. 75% of those who have used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote their business, report a significant increase in traffic and sales.

Another huge statistic to consider is the ever growing popularity of smartphones. 80% of U.S. citizens own and use a smartphone. It is therefore increasingly important to make sure your website is mobile friendly and dependable. If a mobile website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, 53% of users will click back or exit out of your site.

For more insight, check out this great article for infographics and even more statistics. Use these to fuel your digital marketing strategy and contact us with any questions. At Lift Local, we specialize in creating unique marketing practices for your small business. Our success is your success.