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It’s no secret that positive reviews are important.

Research shows that 97% of customers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision and 72% trust reviews as much as a referral from a friend.

So once you have a handful or two of glowing reviews on Google, what’s next? How can you use those reviews in your day to day business strategy?

1. For starters, make sure you’ve replied to all your positive reviews. Potential customers love to see that you value feedback and are involved with your customers. When replying to positive reviews, be personal and don’t be afraid to use your company name and your client’s first name. Little details like these will show that you care.

2. Second, don’t be afraid to brag about your business. Direct any potential customers to your reviews during sales calls or meetings. An unsure buyer can quickly become confident by seeing the positive endorsements of your customers.

3. Use your reviews to get more reviews. This can be as easy as mentioning your positive reviews to a customer and then asking them to leave one. A personal invitation is likely to inspire action.

In summary, reply to all positive reviews, direct potential customers to your reviews and reference your reviews to your customers to earn more. These processes can take some practice but it is so worth becoming a review expert.