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What’s Your Digital Strategy?

If thinking about creating a digital strategy leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed, these practical Facebook marketing steps are for you.   Sure, Facebook is a great place to reconnect with your childhood bets friend but you can use it for so much more as you put your business on the map via Facebook marketing.  It’s as simple as posting great content, sharing your Inbound Marketing offers, connecting with similar businesses and using paid Facebook ads.

So what steps should you take in creating your Facebook marketing strategy?

Create Your Business Page

It is important that your brand shines through on your business’s page by using relevant profile and cover photos and professional captions and business descriptions.  If your photos are blurry and outdated and your written content is mediocre, it might be time to give your Facebook page a facelift.  Once you’ve made sure your business information is all correct and you’ve added links to your website and other social media pages, you are ready to invite!  Invite your fellow Facebook users to like your page.  Gear your invitations to your business network and potential clients.

Share Your Content

Now that your page has a following, it’s time to share, share and share!  Your page should be bustling with online activity and engagement.  Share images, articles, blog posts, promotional material, holiday posts and anything else that relates to your business.  Set a goal to post at least once a week.  The more content, the better!

 Use Ads

You probably have seen quite a few “sponsored” Facebook ads during your daily feed scrolls.  These ads target demographics and interests to ensure that your ideal client sees your ad.  If you have room in your marketing budget, these ads reach a huge audience of Facebook users.

Okay so your Facebook business page is created, you have ads running, you’re posting engaging content… what’s next?  Think about what you want all of this marketing to lead to.  Do you want visitors on your website?  Do you want potential customers to download a free trial?  Do you want to give the option to request a free demo?  Whatever your goal is, make it easy for your followers to act.  Your call to action should always be the motivation behind every digital strategy step you take.  Set measurable goals with your Facebook marketing and watch your business get some love and maybe even some “likes.”