Win back
past customers.

Progressive agents get 10% off!


Re-captured revenue can become a significant contributor to your agencies growth. Former customers make some of the best leads, they’re less expensive to acquire and take less time to convert. Successfully converting these leads comes down to consistent outreach and effective communication.


We design data-driven email campaigns to effectively reach out to your past customers at the right time, with the right message. The right timing and persistency drives more business to you.

Program benefits

  1. Customized emails that look like they’re coming directly from your agency
  2. Real-time results
  3. Warm leads sent straight to your inbox
  4. Cancelled clients statistically make some of the best leads

Service includes

  1. Customer list export and import
  2. Total management of account
  3. No complicated software required
  4. 100% service based
  5. Monthly reporting call with your personal account manage

Join our happy customers.

“I have been working with Lift Local and they have done a great job. We subscribe to the Winback campaign which is very helpful since it automates the process for us.” small business owner. 

Lori Dixon

Agency Owner

“I have really been blown away by the results that I have seen after using Lift Local. The best part of this service is the ongoing support to help me build my business in ways that make sense to me personally. I have been pleasantly surprised that they were able to deliver on some of the promises from the point in which I purchased. The real value for me has been in the ongoing appointments where they have helped me to be a better small business owner.”

Adam Ware

Agency Owner

“Delivered as promised! When I first learned about Lift Local, I wasn’t sure if they would measure up to my high expectations. I know I can call them to get my questions answered and they are proactive about answering questions. They stay on top of the new happenings in the industry, too.”

Mathieu Steele

Stan Steel Agency

Lift Local and Progressive are partnering to give you a hands-off marketing approach that works with your busy schedule. Think of us as an extension of your office, here to help you achieve success!