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When a customer goes to find out information about your business, chances are they are going straight to Google.  It is important that your current and potential customers can easily see your business listing on Google Maps among the plethora of local competitors.  You definitely want to have your listing pulling up first, and it is well worth the time and energy to work your way to the top!

So what does it take to rank higher on Google Maps? Well, first let’s look into what Google Maps is. Google is working to help local businesses by highlighting small business listings. They have done this through their Google Maps section which is placed right below the paid ads section but above the organic listings. You can move up the ranks on Google Maps by creating a Google My Business listing and then focusing on these two tips.

Monitor Business Listings Across the Web

Your Google Maps entry is simply a listing of your business in Google’s online directory, but that isn’t the only online directory Google takes into account. There are about 250 directories that Google will scan in order to see if your information is accurate. One very important aspect of ranking in Google Maps is to ensure that these directories all have the same information. If one directory says you are still located in your home basement where another directory says your business is located at your current office, that will affect your rankings negatively. You need to make sure these listings match one another and it is totally free to change your listings.

Increase Google Reviews

Businesses are more transparent than ever in today’s consumer-friendly world and that’s why Google Reviews are key for your business!  Reviews are one of the most effective digital marketing strategies you can implement. Your positive and negative reviews are generally the first thing your customers will view on your listing. By consistently focusing on increasing the amount of Google reviews for your business, your listing will increase in rankings in Maps and inevitably bring more business.

Companies that have more reviews along with accurate business listings will continually rank higher in the Google Maps section than business who don’t. By focusing on these two areas, your business will have a solid Local SEO strategy that will bring results. It definitely can be time-consuming which is why we, at Lift Local, strive to help you manage your digital strategy so that you can continue to grow your business.