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Do your stress levels go up around the holiday season? As a business owner, you’re anxious to meet your year-end goals and feel financially confident going into the holidays. Below we’ve attached a list of our top recommendations for managing stress this holiday season, because stress shouldn’t be on anybody’s wish list. 


A phrase as old as time, exercise helps everything. Studies suggest that only 20 minutes of exercise increases your mood for 12 hours. That’s a lot of time being happy! Its hard trying to manage stress and dealing with deadlines, coworkers, and clients. But exercise is the key to getting out your extra jitters. During your work day it can be difficult to run to the gym, but a quick walk around your office or if working from home, a walk around the neighborhood can be refreshing. A change in scenery and fresh air helps the body find ease. And most importantly it can calm and clear your mind. 



Managing stress with writing is a great way to let out unhealthy emotions. When writing in a journal your words are your own. This journal is for you to write it all out. When frustrated with the daily tasks and deadlines that cause extreme anxiety, writing in a journal works wonders. To let out those frustrations causes a healthy relief of built up nervousness and worry. In addition to writing about negative emotions, the real way to reverse the pressure is by expressing gratitude and positivity. Having a journal for gratitude or success increases your ability to be in control. Writing about every success from what appears to be insignificant to those life changing successes is a great tool to turn to in times of despair.


Listening to calming music is a great way to unwind and relax during times of worry. Calming music is something that lets your body loosen tense muscles and turn your brain off for a time. By slowing your pulse and heart rate, soothing music truly lets you take a deep breath and focus less on what’s going on around you. This helps prepare your body and mind for your next move. While managing stress, participating in any number of tension relieving activities while listening to relaxing music will contribute to better long-term health. 


Do you ever feel stressed out when you’re laughing? Stress doesn’t magically disappear when you laugh, but genuine laughter and happiness fight back against . Just like your body’s immune system puts up walls to fight against unwanted disease, laughter puts up a barrier of unwanted pressure. Laughter exposes the brain to endorphins causing you to be happier and lower your stress levels. Whether it’s a clip from your favorite comedian, or a funny page from social media, it’s important to find what suits you. Find those things that can give you a chuckle here and there and you’ll forget whatever anxiety you had building up, for at least a few moments. 

Say No:

When feeling stressed, especially when there’s so much to accomplish before the new year, adding more to your plate is a sure fire way to add strain to your work and home life. This time of year tends to add more stress than the rest of the year, likely correlated to end of year upcoming events and deadlines. But the most important thing you can do to accomplish all this and more without heavy weighted stress is by saying no.

When you are asked by any number of people to either participate in or take on new tasks that aren’t a part of your regular job or routine, it’s time to sit down and think about what’s necessary and what can be taken off the plate. Saying no to excess activities or work will feel difficult at first, especially for you go-getters, but in the end you’ll be happy you didn’t bite off more than you can chew. 


Avoid Procrastination:

One of the most important things you can do for yourself this holiday and work season is to avoid procrastination. Managing stress becomes nearly impossible when you are waiting until the last minute to call a client, make a deadline, or finish paperwork. Procrastination is the way to adding not just stress in your life, but an unhealthy amount of anxiety and work. To prevent this procrastination from occurring, we recommend scheduling. Google calendar is a great way to invite others to meetings, schedule out your day, and receive notifications prior to events. Additionally, managing stress becomes easier and can be a point to look forward in the future when you plan out a time to relax. If it’s your lunch break or an afternoon walk, planning a time to clear your mind is incredibly helpful, according to researchers from the Mayo Clinic. 

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