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Most people know the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn, but are they both useful when it comes to promoting your business? The answer is, yes!

HubSpot reports, “Because both platforms are people-based, they provide a number of opportunities to reach your audience. In fact, 78% of American consumers have discovered products on Facebook. On the other hand, LinkedIn is the most effective platform when it comes to delivering content and securing audience engagement.”

Although LinkedIn was initially created for recruiting, it now has similar capabilities to other social platforms with status updates, blogging, private messaging and ad programs. Facebook was created as a place for individuals to communicate, and this sharing aspect is what can be very valuable for businesses.

When it comes to using both, statistics show that your content will reach a broader audience through Facebook. However, LinkedIn is a better platform for lead generation, especially for professional services. If you’re overwhelmed by all the social media options out there, it’s a safe bet to make Facebook and LinkedIn your top priorities. Both are going to be great when it comes to getting your business the best exposure.