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2020 has been a year of many events that have changed history. Nearly every corner of the world has been affected in one way or another from the global COVID-19 pandemic. From pay cuts to job loss, this year has not been easy for anyone. So how do we stay motivated? Do we persist, or do we give up and say we will try again next year? If we want to recover, we can’t give up. The question then remains, how do we stay motivated? Below are some tips that we have found to help us love what we’re doing not only in our office, but in our everyday lives.

Be a Frequent Goal Setter

Setting goals is a great way to enhance your excitement and motivation at work. Goal setting is important for many reasons, but especially for motivating you and your team as you work towards a common end goal; whether it be a rise in leads or sales. Additionally, the smallest goals help us attain better habits, helping us to tackle the daily tasks that contribute to a larger whole. Motivation and success will come when each member of your team is contributing in a small way to the end goal of the company.

Stay Positive

Developing a system of positivity will increase both productivity and positivity in yourself and your fellow employees. An article on positivity from Harvard Business Review states, “Don’t just tell your employees to be happy, work with them to create patterns that reinforce the positive.”

Remember Incentives

Incentives help keep motivation high because they are a way to reward your employees or even yourself for dedication and hard work. Incentives should never be the one and only reason for your employees or yourself to work hard. However, incentives such as PTO, gift cards, employee lunches and other activities, are all great ways in which you can show your employees and yourself appreciation and motivation towards a common goal.

Don’t Overload

We’ve heard it before and here we’ll say it again: you’ll never get to where you want to be when you bite off more than you can chew. Keeping motivated during an ongoing pandemic is difficult, and now is not the time to take on more than you can handle. Find moderation in work, take a lunch break, take a walk outside, and breathe. 

Discouragement can creep in swiftly when circumstances become challenging and sometimes you need a little boost. If you’re looking for a boost for your business, Lift Local can help you grow and stay motivated. We believe that seeing consistent, positive reviews on your Google listing can truly motivate you like nothing else. When your business is looking its best, you’ll feel more motivated to keep it that way. Fill out the form above for more info!