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2020 has been a year of many events that have changed history. Nearly every corner of the world has been affected in one way or another from the global COVID-19 pandemic. From pay cuts to job loss, this year has not been easy for anyone. So how do we stay motivated? Do we persist, or do we give up and say we will try again next year? If we want to recover, we can’t give up. The question then remains, how do we then stay motivated? Below are some tips that we have found to help us love what we’re doing not only in our office, but in our everyday lives.

Be a Frequent Goal Setter

Setting goals is a great way to enhance excitement and motivation at work. Goal setting is important for many reasons, but especially for motivating you and your team as you work towards a common end goal; whether it be a rise in leads or sales. Additionally, the smallest goals help us attain better habits, helping us to tackle the daily tasks that contribute to a larger whole. Motivation and success will come when each member of your team is contributing in a small way to the end goal of the company. If you have ever watched Olympic rowing teams, you can notice that each of the team members is rowing at the same speed, time, and consistency. 

No team member is moving faster than the other, rowing at a difference pace, or at a different stride. Each member of the team is fluent with the rest. They are working towards a common goal, and because they are so aligned, they go farther, faster. This is a great example to bring to your company and find ways in which you can flow together. 

Be Positive

Being positive seems like an obvious point of advice for almost everyone in any situation. But how often do we forget to think about the positive? Developing a system of positivity will increase both productivity and positivity in yourself and your fellow employees. Examples of this include having quotes about work or forms of positivity for everyone to see. Additionally, this can be a great topic of conversation for future company meetings. Seeing how people interpret and analyze these quotes can help set future goals.

An article on positivity from Harvard Business review states that “don’t just tell your employees to be happy, work with them to create patterns that reinforce the positive” (Achor & Gielan). A reference for making patterns could be writing and tracking sales goals and other quantitative goals. These should not be taboo numbers, in fact, they should be talked about and known to every employee. Keeping motivation high can seem daunting, especially during a tough work week when leads are low and positivity is even lower. But when making patterns and keeping goals at the forefront of everyone’s vision, you’ll make it through. 

Remember Incentives

One great word that employees of all types can open their ears to is the word incentive. Whether or not you offer weekly or monthly rewards for employees in accordance with good work, a sales goal made, or for whatever other reason, these opportunities can be used to help motivate employees. Incentives help keep motivation high because they are a way to reward your employees or even yourself for dedication and hard work. Incentives should never be the one and only reason for your employees or yourself for coming to work. However, incentives such as PTO, gift cards, employee lunches and other activities, are all great ways in which you can show your employees and yourself appreciation and motivation towards a common goal.

Incentives can be taken too far, employees can shift their focus from company success to only caring about the reward. But when used as a motivator, they can be great to encourage employees.  . Take a charity run or other physical activity for example. When participating in these races the prize at the end of the race could be a cheap medal, or maybe just a piece of fruit. The point is, these prizes are hardly the reason for participating in the race. But rather, the feeling of achievement from accomplishing a goal and obtaining a prize, no matter its value, is a driving force for each participant of the race. The same could be said for those in an office. Just like the racers experience, employees in an office deserve to feel driven, motivated, and rewarded for their success. However you feel this works, keeping motivated through incentives does work. 

Don’t Overload

Many of us consider ourselves to be the classic “work horse”. The thought of not working or not finishing our tasks is unacceptable. Those around us can ask us to help with a number of different tasks but sometimes we begin to feel that our plate is being overloaded. We’ve heard it before and here we’ll say it again: you’ll never get to where you want to be when you bite off more than you can chew. Keeping motivated during an ongoing pandemic is difficult, and now is not the time to take more than you can handle. Dieticians often recommend that everything needs to be in moderation, the same goes for work. Challenge yourself, reach for new heights, grind hard when necessary, but after all this, never compromise your wellbeing for work. Take your lunch break, take a walk outside, and breath. 

Motivation during difficult times is important, but who said it was easy? There are so many unthinkable events like a global pandemic, job loss, natural disasters, and much more. Discouragement can creep in swiftly to our minds. However, motivation can trump discouragement during these times. But sometimes we do need a little boost. Lift Local wants to provide you with the boost you may be looking for by helping you to grow your business. We believe that seeing consistent, positive reviews on your Google listing can truly motivate you like nothing else. When your business is looking its best, you’ll feel more motivated to keep it that way. We can’t tell you what’s around the corner, but the least we can do is keep each other motivated.