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Let’s say you own a small business in a medium-sized town. Of course you know you have the best service or product, but your competition thinks they’re the best too. Your competition has invested in an online marketing strategy and you’re still debating whether or not to jump on the band wagon. If a new family moves into your town, has need of a service you provide, goes to Google to make a search and finds your competitor at the top of the page… it could be a problem for your business.

There is a world of competition out there and it’s getting easier and easier to become invisible and slip through the internet cracks. Moral of the story? Don’t let your business be invisible online. Here are the 2 main ways you can improve your business’s online visibility:

  1. Get more online reviews

Did you know 9 out of 10 consumers will consider reviews when making a purchasing decision? Consistent reviews are key when it comes to putting your business ahead of the competition. Potential customers aren’t the only ones looking at your reviews. Search engines, such as Google, factor in your reviews as a key element in their ranking systems. Getting reviews will increase the probability that you pull up when consumers search for your service.

2. Increase your social media activity

Make sure that your business information is correct throughout all of your social media sites. Set a goal to post a photo, industry article, blog post or office update once a week. We recommend using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Double check your profile and cover photos to make sure they are professional and represent your business well.

If this seems overwhelming or if you just want a little help getting started, services like Lift Local will take the load off you. We also can provide you with a free visibility report and score. Just enter your info in the box on the right. These 2 tips will make a huge difference when it comes to your business shining in the online spotlight.