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Do you ever find yourself stuck without ideas? Looking to be inspired? We have a fun and easy solution to gaining new insight. The answer? Podcasts. Podcasts are a way in which you can learn new and innovative ways to improve your marketing. But it doesn’t stop there. Other skills such as customer service, writing content, and tips on software/services are also available through podcasts. When listening to our top recommendations, you’ll hear stories from people that have been where you are.  These top insurance podcasts to start listening to give different perspectives of people who have been in your same industry. This can give you new insight and knowledge on topics that are relevant and important to your industry.

Insurance Marketing with John Carroll

Our first recommendation starts off with a podcast hosted by John Carroll. This is a podcast all about the marketing side of insurance selling. He hosts 15-60 minute episodes that vary in topic. John gives networking advice, marketing tips, and customer loyalty strategies, just to name a few.  Lift Local helps you pursue the goals that John Carroll helps you set. Especially when dealing with SEO on Google and getting more callbacks. He gives examples of how you can make your quotes to clients stand out more so that you stand out. His tips give you a way to help prospecting leads focus less on the price and more on what you’re offering.

He gives some general tips such as showing pictures of the item you are insuring, use color that will capture attention, add personal video messages, and include testimonials. John shares his success stories and how he learned through observation and testing these theories out himself. Although this podcast ended in 2015, the content is still very relevant and very applicable to what you need to know. 

Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast

Jeff Root is the host of this very specific life insurance selling podcast that gets into the nitty gritty of how to become more profitable and how to sell online. He provides an upbeat and informative podcast that will keep you entertained and informed on how to gain the characteristics needed to become a more successful agent. He explains the importance of being patient. The beginning of your journey selling is a road of patience. Jeff shares his personal experience of the insurance industry.

Additionally, each week he hosts a new guest to share their experiences and success stories. Jeff shares frequently about how it takes patience to let the leads come in. You can never expect high volume leads or high success to happen overnight. In order to become “buried in leads” it’s necessary to keep pushing. Jeff Root didn’t become as successful as he is just by trying for a week and then letting whatever happens, happen. Which is why this makes the list of top podcasts to start listening to.

The Insurance Guys

This is another fun podcast hosted by a couple of southern gentlemen, Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers. A Nationwide and Independent insurance agency owner, these two men are still in the business but continue their desire to share what they’ve learned with others. They testify that they will provide you with guest speakers who will undoubtedly benefit you and your agency. Scott and Bradley  provide a variety of topics with speakers who are the top rating people in the industry. Unlike the previous podcasts we’ve discussed, this podcast dives deeper into the personal development of agents. How you learn, grow, and reach farther than you did before. Tips on new software and services that can help you understand data, customer needs, and new product developments.

Each of their episodes provide unique awareness to topics that other podcasts might have discussed. However, The Insurance Guys take a new outlook. They incorporate a variety of frequently asked questions for their guests and questions that you might not have thought of. Their amped up energy and excitement for the insurance industry is what drives this podcast to be amongst the top insurance podcasts out there. They go into building better lender relationships, hiring more efficiently, learning patience, and discussing the cycle of insurance. With out list of insurance podcasts to start listening to, this is the podcast you do not want to miss out on. 

Marketing School– Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

Although not specifically insurance, this is a must for all agents. This podcast gives personal insight to tips and tricks in only five minute episodes daily to help you improve your marketing skills and platform. They talk about topics such as the creative standpoint in marketing, creating content that is unique and attractive will never not be important, getting into the minds of consumers and understanding their emotions and behaviors will help you become a better marketer, including  talking about the foundation of a great landing page and how to get there. These small episodes come everyday and don’t take up a lot of time. They grant you access to hundreds of useful tips that are applicable to all agents. This podcast is a top recommendation that will contribute to helping with callbacks/winbacks, SEO, content development and marketing and many other topics that will be useful to your agency. 

Podcasts are no new invention, their growing popularity and expansion has made them a great tool for anyone in any industry. Because these podcasts are coming from relatable people that have experienced what you’re experiencing, it feels a little more personal. There are many others on the market but the list above is a great place to start. During your morning commute, lunch break, or during your work day, podcasts are an easy way to learn something new. We’re here to help you accomplish your goals and develop a better marketing strategy and help you improve you in the ways these podcasters recommend. These insurance podcasts to start listening to will help and encourage you in becoming more successful.