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LinkedIn can be a huge asset to your company’s social media presence. On average, LinkedIn generates more lead conversions than both Twitter and Facebook. You can use your LinkedIn page to not only promote your business, but to take it one step further, LinkedIn also provides a way for you to connect with others who have similar profiles. This is where learning How to optimize your company LinkedIn is a tool for your business. Updating your profile and keeping your content relevant will showcase your business and keep your network up to date on new information. By connecting with others you can also develop new strategies and see what content is working for others, and learn what your customers need from you.  

What are the best ways to strengthen your company’s LinkedIn page? Below is a list of some of the most vital things that will help you bring a better understanding and utilization of your LinkedIn page. 

1. The Importance of Image:

Let’s start with the first impression, your profile picture and banner. Next to your company name, it’s the first thing people see. So it’s important to make it memorable right? In a way, yes. It’s important to make it professionally memorable. When designing a company page, keep it clean and cohesive. Those viewing your page will remember whether or not your page was professional and provided the information they needed. Your profile picture should simply be a company logo; however, your banner is where you can introduce your creativity. Without using heavy graphics, the banner can be a fun and appealing way to attract consumers to your page. This could include some graphics, company mottos, and logos in different layouts. 


2. Publishing: 

You’ll reach your target audience through curating stellar articles and sharing relevant content. Go the extra mile and conclude with strategic hashtags to generate more traffic. Only 3 million LinkedIn users publish content weekly, and you want to be one of them. Publishing on LinkedIn can seem very time consuming and intimidating. However, publishing content relevant and appropriate to your audience will always benefit you in the long run. 

3. Sharing:

When sharing posts on LinkedIn, share relevance. Meaning, share articles and news that your customers could benefit from. Your personal comments leading the article are also vital. This is a way to be personal and add your own take on content. Sharing will also bring you and your company name to the top of your connections feed, keeping you relevant and prominent in their minds.

 4. Engaging:

Engaging with your connections on LinkedIn is a great way to interact with followers and others searching for your account. Commenting and engaging in posts will also attract others to your page and give you a good starting point for conversations and further connections. Engagement is your opportunity to get to know your clientele further by making these personal connections. Another key tool on how to optimize your LinkedIn account is the engagement rate. The engagement rate is the rate at which your followers/connections are interacting with your posts. This is an indicator as to how well your connections are interacting with your posts and other content. 


5. Skills, endorsements and interests:

One secret weapon of how to optimize your LinkedIn is the skills and endorsements section. Add your company’s skills and advertise the key goals of your business. For example, customer service is an important skill that consumers want to see for an insurance agent. Listing these skills then makes it possible for others to endorse that specific skill. The more endorsements you have, the better. The interest section is a creative way to share your interests. You can highlight key areas of interest you have that relate to your business and core values. Interests can vary, examples include: where you went to school, popular blogs and other informative pages, Fortune 500, etc. These interests give you a personal edge and draw others to see what makes you different from the pack.


6. Bring your summary to life:

Your summary is a great storytelling opportunity. Your summary doesn’t need to be a plain basic overview of your business, but rather it should be the gateway to share your story. This is where you can declare your core values, highlight key skills that matter, and the valuable experience you’ve had that makes you outshine the competition. This is also a way to share your goals on your profile, stating where you’ve been is important, but also outlining where you want to be. Your summary is a wonderful tool that you should spend a decent amount of time on, even writing a few different drafts to see which fits your profile the best. 

7. Become an advocate:

Your LinkedIn page is important for so many reasons, but the top reason your LinkedIn matters is for you to be an advocate. Being an advocate means having a mindset that you are using the stated tips above as a way to grow the LinkedIn community for yourself and others. This can be through the content on your profile to the posts you engage with. Through this, you are contributing to the social media world for the better. Showing you are a presence on LinkedIn is a way to not just connect virtually with others, but to make personal connections and to provide the solution to problems others cannot find. In supporting others on LinkedIn, you too will receive support. 

An optimized LinkedIn will help generate leads and promote your business

Lift Local wants to show you the potential your business has when you take advantage of online tools such as LinkedIn. By utilizing your LinkedIn profile, your lead generation increases. LinkedIn’s online audience has double the buying power than the average web audience. What does this mean? Your LinkedIn followers and connections will drive more business and generate double the amount of leads than a website will. And who doesn’t want that? When thinking about how to optimize your LinkedIn, find these hidden tools in order to get you the connections you need to get leads. All it takes is the willingness to get out there, get engaged, and use the tips above.