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Holiday Marketing: A Guide for Insurance Agents

The holidays can be both a blessing and a curse for insurance agents and other business owners. In some sectors, business owners are swamped during the holiday season. While for others, sales and client acquisition slow to a crawl. One way to make the most of holiday marketing as an insurance agent is to incorporate holiday “themes” into your advertising plans. While it may seem like a bit of a stretch to market your insurance agency during certain holidays, it will allow you to flex your creative muscles. Here’s how you can leverage holiday marketing strategies for your insurance agency.

What is holiday marketing?

Marketing campaigns require you not only to be strategic but also to be creative. Coming up with new, fresh ideas from scratch on a regular basis can be overwhelming and stressful. But take a look at the calendar. Christmas is just weeks away and there’s almost always a holiday per month. Using an upcoming holiday as inspiration for a creative, unique marketing campaign can help you reach out to new customers or nurture current leads.

Today, people can come across different hashtags and micro-holidays that have been created solely to increase engagement on social media. These social holidays though, aren’t official and often showcase a range of different topics and events. So, insurance agents, you’re not just limited to official calendar dates for holiday marketing.

These quickly evolving social holidays give you a unique opportunity to create high-value content that’s going to appeal to your clients and help them with their insurance needs. But don’t forget to take a look at the calendar for inspiration if you’re running out of content ideas. Below are our top reasons why you should use the holidays for marketing your agency.

New and Interesting Content

Coming up with new content ideas can be a pain for many insurance agents. If you’re not a professional content creator or have a team of content creators at your disposal, then it’s all on you to fill your content calendar. On top of running a successful business, content creation can be a drag. Fortunately, social holidays give you an excuse to break the business-content mold and get creative with some new ideas. Plus, your audience on social media will probably appreciate something that matches the season.


Holiday Marketing and Branding

When you leverage the holidays for new content ideas, you can use the occasion to showcase your personality and your agency’s, too. Participating in a holiday celebration gives you a unique way to brand your business. It can make it a lot easier to connect with your online audience.


Increases Visibility

Social holidays are not only fun for your clients, but celebrating these holidays is also engaging for your agency. When you use holiday content, you can rest assured that the content you’re using centers around the popular topic of the day. This can generate a lot of buzz and get your agency noticed online.


Holiday Content Humanizes a Business

All business talk can get super boring for your audience. It is also no fun for you as the chief content creator. But holiday marketing can help you find common, empathetic ground with your current and potential clients. With holiday-themed content, you’ll go from being seen as an impersonal business, to a human. Holiday content gives your clients a chance to catch a glimpse of the person behind the business facade.

Tips for Leveraging Holiday Content

Now that you understand the benefits of holiday marketing, how can you leverage that content to get the results you want? By fully leveraging the unique power of holiday-themed marketing content, you can increase your visibility online, and forge new relationships with your ideal clients. Plus, current clients will appreciate the breath of fresh air that holiday content can inspire in your latest marketing materials. Here are several tips and tricks for how to turn holiday marketing into increased leads and sales.

Consider Different Content Channels

So you put your new holiday-themed content on your agency blog and social media. That should be enough, right? Not really. Content marketing’s best practices have changed. It’s not just about publishing useful content on a regular basis. Getting your content to work for your agency in today’s competitive online world comes down to the different channels you’re using to share your content. Look beyond your business blog or website for sharing content. And social media? That’s not the end of it either. What about your email list? Remember to research holiday-themed hashtags for social media too. The right hashtags will help increase your content’s visibility with the right group of people.

Use Relevant Topics

The people who see your content will be more likely to enjoy and engage with it if the topics are relevant to them and also align with the holiday. Bonus points if you’re able to tie the topic back to your agency. If you can’t tie things back to your agency, don’t try to force it. People will appreciate helpful content that is relevant to them even if the link to insurance isn’t so obvious.

Using holiday marketing isn’t all about making sales immediately. In many cases, producing content that resonates with your audience is about increasing your visibility and cementing trust within the relationship.

Remember the Sales Cycle

A common mistake that many business owners make is trying to leverage the major holiday season between November and December for increased sales. But for many agencies, this isn’t always the best time to try and direct market your business. For one thing, many groups of people are going through open enrollment at this time. When creating holiday marketing materials, keep in mind where your intended audience is in the sales cycle.

Turn your focus to building relationships with leads and current customers.

During the winter holiday season, focus on building relationships with your audience. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Send your current clients a handwritten holiday card. Encourage them to visit your office for a quote or visit your website.
  • Consider sponsoring a community event to help promote your agency and find new clients and leads.
  • Organize a charity drive. This will help increase awareness of your agency within the community and also improve your company’s image and reputation.
  • Continue creating helpful blog posts, videos, and social media posts for your audience during the holidays.

Remember, the holiday season is supposed to be a time of giving. Offer your help during the holidays by hosting workshops, or giving out information on winter safety tips for drivers and homeowners. You could make blog posts or video content on funny holiday mishaps and weave into the narrative how insurance can help people recover from accidents and other disasters.

Use the holiday rush to your advantage.

For many insurance agents, it’s easy to scale back marketing efforts during the holidays. It may seem counterintuitive, but when you push through the holiday season by creating and publishing valuable content, you can stand out from your competitors within your offline and online community. On the surface, it may seem like you should avoid trying to market to busy people. But you can instead use this truth to your advantage.

Remind leads and clients of how efficient it is to sign up with your insurance agency or get a quote on a policy. Give people a discount to purchase early during the holiday season, so people don’t feel as rushed and stressed around Christmastime. Think about offering insurance packages for those who will travel for the holidays.

When you use the holiday season to build your community and nurture relationships with your audience, people will begin to trust you. When they need a new policy, potential clients who’ve frequently seen your agency’s holiday marketing content will remember you. Your continued marketing efforts will have formulated and cemented trust with them. They’ll be far more likely to contact you for help than a competitor who is not as visible or as helpful with their content. 

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