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If you’re feeling discouraged by the current economic situation, we feel you. Having said that, there’s always a silver lining. We’ve put together 3 ideas on how your business can grow… not in a month from now, not next quarter, but right now. 

1. Less competition = time to grow your business. 

Think of our current stock market situation. Many are selling, but the smart are strategically buying. This same idea applies to Google Maps Optimization. Investing in your online presence right now is a great move as less competition means you will rank higher. Here are the ins and outs of how Google Maps Optimization works:

There are 2 main ways to get leads for your business. The first is purchasing leads and the second is generating leads yourself. This second method is called organic lead generation. Organic lead generation is going to give you the highest ROI as it helps establish the strong online presence that you need. 

To help you gain prominence, we identify credible directories for your specific industry and create business listings or references in each of those directories. Again, the more info across the web, the better. The goal is to grow your business with Google. These directories often cost money and require lengthy verification processes, however our relationships allow us to get your business verified quickly at no additional cost. Our optimization experts take an organic submission approach in an effort to follow search engine guidelines and avoid flags. Consistency is key here as we submit directory entries over time to achieve authentic results. Any changes to your business info are re-submitted so that accuracy is always achieved. We’ll track your progress through Google insights.

 2. Grow your business by checking in with your current customers.

Now is an especially important time to check in with your customers and gather feedback. Our Review Generation program not only helps boost your business, but also significantly improves retention. Our goal with generating reviews is to get you to a position where you are absolutely dominating the local competition. We want you to have the most reviews and strongest online reputation in your area. More reviews ultimately means more business for you. Consistency with your reviews will move you up the ranks on Google.

The last thing we want is to bombard your customers with review requests. Instead, we send personalized emails or texts asking one simple question, “How likely is it that you would recommend our business to a friend or colleague?”

The 8, 9 and 10 ratings go directly to Google where your client can leave you an awesome review! Any rating 7 and below will be sent to a page where they can send you direct feedback. This feedback is for your eyes only and will not be public facing. This is especially valuable as your business focuses on best practices and customer retention. If a customer is unhappy and leaves negative feedback, you will be alerted right away which means you can save that customer. Imagine how your retention will improve! Keeping tabs on your customers in this way is critical during this time of uncertainty. 

3. Embrace cross-selling opportunities. 

While you’re checking in, let your customers know about the different services that might be beneficial to them during this time. For example, if you own an insurance agency, make sure to put in a plug for life insurance.

Cross-selling will help you increase the number of opportunities you have and nurture relationships with current clients. It’s important to remember that all cross-selling should be done in a way that is truly offering value to your clients. Obviously, it’s great to increase revenue. But that revenue will fade quickly without a strong foundation of client trust. The secret to nurturing a strong relationship with clients involves going beyond the boundaries of the business relationship.

You most likely already collect a lot of information on them. So use it to spark the line of communication. For instance, you can set-up automatic emails to go out on their birthdays, and wish them a happy day. It’s a small gesture that a lot of clients will appreciate because it shows you are going the extra mile to do something nice.This way, they will feel that they have a connection with you that goes deeper than that of a business service. As a result, they will be more receptive to hear about any great cross-selling opportunities you have to offer.

So what’s the best way to cross-sell?

Email can be your primary line of communication for cross-selling. For one thing, it can help you reach a lot more clients at once. You can create email messages and then use an email marketing platform to personalize them for each client with ease. While phone calls are also great, email allows your customers to consume the information and offer at their own pace.

You can use email marketing to also inform your clients on various trends in your industry. Do this before you try to push for the cross-sell. When your client understands more about what goes on behind the curtain, they may be more open to embracing the products or services you are offering.

Things are looking up.

We are here to help you succeed during these difficult times. Our awesome account executives and managers are working hard to answer your questions. Our goal is to help you grow your business, no matter the circumstances.