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What day is it? 

Is it April? August? June? Nobody seems to be sure… If the work from home life and pandemic stress have left you lagging, you might need a boost. And one of the best ways to boost yourself up? Set some new goals. With that said, here are 10 ideas on how to give your agency the lift it needs. Try choosing 2 to implement in this upcoming week and take a vitamin c shot while you’re at it.  

1. Analyze your spending.

Though it may seem contradictory, using more technology can actually allow you to save money. Try using teleconference services, online payment platforms and open-source software. Switch to landline alternatives, remote desktop applications and online appointment scheduling. Another great strategy for saving money is to reduce debt. One of the best ways you can do this is by carefully tracking all your spending for the rest of 2020. Invest in a software that will help you do this and take time to review all costs on a weekly or monthly basis. Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks and FreeAgent are all great tools to use for your small business budgeting.

2. Take a productivity quiz. 

Time to do a little self reflection. Which activities are adding to your productivity? Which are detracting? Are you taking one too many trips to the kitchen? Are your thumbs scrolling miles and miles everyday? Productivity is really such a personal thing. Every single person has different motivations and distractions. This is a great quiz to help you find out what motivates YOU. There are also some great productivity apps that we love here at Lift Local. Evernote, Monday, Asana, Trello, Slack and Basecamp are just a few of our favorites. Turn your phone into your greatest strength, rather than your greatest distraction.

3. Ramp up your customer feedback process.

How happy are your customers? Are you afraid to find out? Yes, ignorance can be bliss for many areas in life… but customer satisfaction is definitely not one of them. Not knowing how your customers are feeling can lead to some major consequences. By implementing a customer feedback program, you can solve issues before they even happen! This will significantly boost your retention and increase customer trust. More trust = more referrals = more business. Reaching out to your customers on a consistent basis will help them know you care.

4. Take a second look at your online profiles. 

Your Google My Business (GMB) is one of your best friends when it comes to getting found online. To make the most of your free GMB account, you’ll want to utilize all parts of it including: photos, posts, bio, info, hours, etc. GMB listings are being featured more heavily in local search results – which are critical when it comes to getting found online. Over the past few years, GMB listings have grown in prominence by 32%. When it comes to ranking locally, GMB is one of your most significant ranking factors. When you post new content to your Google My Business Listing, you’ll generate increased visibility on Google search. So make a goal to update your listing with a photo or post weekly.

5. Use more social media.

If you’ve been hesitant to use social media, the time has come. And if you’re overwhelmed by all the different platforms out there… keep it simple! Start with Facebook. It is so easy to create a Facebook business page and keep it updated. All you need to do is set a reminder to post weekly and use content that is engaging, basic and helpful. Grow your page’s following by inviting your current customers to follow along. This is a great method to improve your customer engagement. And don’t forget to make it pretty. Avoid blurry photos and make your profile as complete as possible. Make your agency shine. 

6. Perform a SWOT analysis.

This is a great tool to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your agency. It can be used on any aspect of your business… from customer service, to product offerings, to marketing. Here’s a great resource on how to conduct a SWOT analysis for your agency. And BTW, SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You’ll ask yourself what you’re doing well, how you can improve, what goals you should be setting and what obstacles you face. 

7. Make things fun for your employees.

It’s definitely hard to gain momentum right now and your employees may be suffering from a lack thereof. Here are some budget friendly ideas on how to keep your employees incentivized.

  • Employee Recognition: Choose an employee of the month, give them a prime (future) parking spot and an afternoon off. Make sure to put their photo on the wall.
  • Increased Flexibility: Consider having a “late start” Monday where you don’t start work until 9 or 10. 
  • Food: Is there a better way to motivate people than with food? I think not. Bring in doughnuts. Bring in pizza. Food is a love language.
  • Schedule a Day Out: Plan an inexpensive (future) outing like a matinee movie or mini golf.
  • Break Room Retreat: Put in the effort to make your break room an oasis. Snacks, drinks, comfy chairs, board games.

And here’s a great article on ways to keep your employees motivated and connected while working from home.

8. Beautify Your Branding

If your agency is part of a larger company’s brand, you might think there isn’t a need to develop a personal brand. However, developing a personal brand includes making sure all of your agency’s listings and social media profiles are in tip top shape. One of the first things that potential customers notice when looking at your Google listing, social media profiles or website is your photos. There is nothing worse than a photo taken in a dark corner of an office. Choose to take your photos in areas of natural light or try stepping outside for light-filled photos.  As a general rule of thumb, avoid posting a photo that hasn’t been edited, even if it’s just ever so slightly. You can always add a little contrast, sharpness, brightness or warmth to elevate the photo. Chances are, you won’t get that perfect photo on your first try. The more photos you take, improve your chances of finding one that’s right. Get in the habit of snapping a few photos every day so that you have great content to work with for your GMB listing, website and social media profiles.

9. Schedule a vacation… 

Your productivity as an agency owner will increase if you set aside time for vacations throughout the year. Research consistently shows the health benefits of taking vacation time, like improved productivity, lower stress and better mental health. So take 30 minutes, set a travel budget and plan a couple of trips throughout the year to help you recharge. Even if it’s just a Friday-Sunday getaway, you’ll get the rejuvenation you need. Since traveling isn’t an option right now, cross your fingers and plan a vacay for the fall.   

10. Ask for Help

There is nothing wrong with asking for a little outside help. You might even consider hiring a service company to give you a little boost. For example, a marketing service can actively boost online presence, optimize a Google listing and drive targeted traffic to a website. A huge perk of a service is that there is a real-life person monitoring your online presence. Think of a service as an extension of your office. Perhaps best of all, a service gives businesses the option to take a totally hands off approach if they want. Not interested in having anything to do with managing digital accounts? No problem, a service can take care of it on their own. Basically, the work of a service is highly customizable. Reach out to us at Lift Local if you’re interested in a little helping hand.