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Unless you love writing, insurance blogging can seem like a boring, time consuming nuisance. BUT posting consistent blog content will significantly increase your lead flow, boost SEO and give you a solid social media strategy. In an effort to make blog writing easier for you, we’ve put together a few great ideas on posts for insurance agents. Get ready to turn into a regular Shakespeare.

Getting Started

If you’re new to the world of blogging, this article from Hubspot lists all the steps you need to take to get your blog up and running. It also highlights ways to optimize your posts to help boost SEO and online visibility

Before you start writing, ask yourself these questions. “Why would someone want to read this blog post?” “What specific question/problem am I addressing?” “What will make the reader come back for more?” A good blog for your insurance agency should help readers resolve challenges they’re experiencing or invite them to gain new insights.

Topics for Agents

What’s your mission statement?

Your agency’s website should have at least one post detailing out the why behind your business. Help your readers get to know your brand, mission and story. If you want to go the extra mile, create a video to share on your post. The more information you provide, the more trust you will gain. 

When’s the next seasonal deadline?

The insurance world has lots of seasonal content opportunities that come along with different deadlines. Plan out content in advance for open enrollment windows, tax season, policy updates, etc. Share useful tips, dates and resources as deadlines approach. 

Share a “how to” article.

You might be an insurance expert but there’s a lot of confusing language, policy types and information to digest for your customers. Help your readers by sharing tips that make insurance terms and policies easier to understand. Pretend you’re teaching an “Life Insurance 101” course and break things down. 

Give helpful tips. 

Do you sell auto insurance? Great, there’s a whole world of helpful auto tips you can share! Share tips about car maintenance and other auto-related information. For life insurance, share tips about saving for college, planning for retirement or how to prepare for unexpected life events. For homeowners insurance, share home maintenance tips, DIY projects or renovation ideas. By helping people through free, useful content, you’ll build trust for your agency and boost your lead conversion. Quality content = increased agency reputation.

Promote local businesses. 

This is a great tip from Jimmy Chan at Pixelicious. He suggests promoting local businesses through blog posts. Independent agencies and agents targeting a local region can reach, engage, and connect with local prospects by reviewing other local businesses. A restaurant review, for example, can bring in traffic to your website although it may not be high converting traffic it is still targeted if it is local. This means that the person reading the review is likely to remember your agency at some point in the future when they aren’t searching for restaurant reviews but rather a local insurance agent.

Each blog post must target relevant local keywords in an area to draw traffic. One tip is to include the physical addresses or better yet, link to other local businesses in your niche. This sends a strong signal to Google that your page focuses in a geographical area. The next step is to internally link similar pages to further boost local niche relevancy. Just doing this will help you rise above your competitors who aren’t as SEO savvy.

Interview your customers.

Great blog writing is all about storytelling, so highlight the stories of your customers by sharing their stories. Ask them about ways that their policies have helped them. Your future customers will listen to their stories and be more willing to use your services. 

Steven Azizi from Miracle Mile suggests, “Describe how the client was struggling with a specific issue and how your company’s services helped the client solve it. Also, explain what the end results were and how much benefit (try to put a dollar value) the client achieved after using your agency’s services.” Interviewing clients and sharing their success stories on your blog is a fantastic way to improve online reputation.

Share your day to day routine.

A day in the life at the agency might seem boring to you, but your readers could really enjoy getting a behind the scenes glimpse of your agency. The key here is to be observant and note anything of interest that happens. For example, you might write about employee incentive programs, office celebrations or community outreach. Share pictures of you and your employees going about your day. People love transparency and giving an inside look into your agency will help boost your retention. Get personal with your clients and let them get to know you and your agency.

Use frequently asked questions as topics. 

As you’re on the phone with customers, make a note of frequently asked questions. Turn your answers into blog posts! This is some of the easiest content to generate. A good blog for your insurance agency can generate the majority of it’s topics from FAQs. 

Introduce new products.

Leadsurance recommends, “When changes come to the insurance industry and new policies are offered, or old policies are discontinued, blog about it. These changes bring about a lot of Google searches where policyholders are actively searching for information and agents to help them understand these new products and policy changes.” Be the first to cover these topics and you will generate traffic and leads.

Time to start a blog for your insurance agency.

Your content should always be created with the goal to provide value and education to your readers. Think about sharing industry news, stories of your clients, answer frequently asked questions, share resources and create articles that help solve problems. For more info on boosting your online presence, check out our online optimization service. A strong online presence for your agency is the best thing you can do to grow your business… and a blog for your insurance agency is a great way to start increasing traffic. We’d love to help you use your blog posts to get found online by potential customers. Best of luck and we’re here to help!