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Facebook has recently put a lot of effort into improving their business platform and features. One of these improvements is the new emphasis on their messaging app. Facebook reports that more than 66% of people who use messaging say they have messaged a business in the past three months.

So what is the appeal of using Facebook messaging? First, it is incredibly convenient. 68% of adults in America use Facebook, which means they likely have it on their phones or open on their computers throughout the day. With messaging, your customers can feel more connected to your business with on the go messaging and easy reach after store hours. It also is a very personal form of communication which allows you, as a business owner, to connect one on one with your customers.

The question now is, how can you encourage your customers to message you? Facebook suggests three easy ways.

  1. Add a send message button to the top of your Facebook business page.
  2. Create a post letting your customers know that they can contact you via message.
  3. Use your personalized messaging link in the signature of your emails, in social media captions or texts. Your link is link, or followed by your page username. For example, ours is

Have your business Facebook page open on your work computer and maybe even get the ball rolling by messaging a few of your customers. See if you can use this tool to improve your customer relationships and retention. Feel free to message us at Lift Local with any questions!