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Sales are as vital to a business as breath is to life. More sales equals more growth while fewer sales equals decline. Help your company promote growth with these 3 simple and effective changes you can implement to increase sales.

Don’t allow your customer to hesitate

Customers who hesitate usually need a push or incentive to inspire action. Try offering flash sales or 24-hour discounts to help your customer feel excited about purchasing the product in that moment.Another fantastic way to prevent your customer from getting cold-feet is to offer a risk reversal strategy. This could be something like a 30-day return policy, lifetime guarantee, risk-free trial, free shipping, or a free product with a particular purchase. Your customer will feel peaceful and confident in their purchase. Happy customers = happy you.

Use reviews to answer your customer’s question

Customers often want to do more research before purchasing. Try researching with them as you answer their questions through your company’s positive reviews. Highlight these reviews on the home and product pages of your website. You could even make your reviews accessible from your emails and social media pages. Over 90% of customers read online reviews before purchasing a product to make your reviews shout loud and clear!

Referrals make or break a company

Word of mouth has always been one of the most effective marketing materials available. Word of mouth has changed over the past 20 years to become “word over the internet” but the concept has remained the same. Customers share their experience online and these reviews are seen by limitless numbers of people.

You can also get referrals by helping your customers share info about your company with their friends. Put a “share” button on your website that will automatically send an invite to learn more. Try offering a discount when your customers recommend your product or services to a friend.

You will be surprised at how easy and exciting it can be to hit your sales goals with these 3 tips. You definitely will earn some positive online reviews while you’re at it.